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Michael Brandt

EP #008 – Hard Work Pays Off With Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt is known to friends and business associates as “The Social Man” for his love of social media. He was born in raised in Southern California. Michael was raised by a single mother and today owns and runs “Drive Traffic Media,” a digital marketing agency poised to become one of the leading in Orange County.

Michael loves to socialize and when he is not working on his business, you will find him spending time with family, and his dog.

Show Notes


  • It’s good to hangout with older people
  • Hard work pays off
  • Have an incredible work ethic
  • It is OK if you don’t enjoy school, there are options
  • Take time to find out what you excel at, what you are passionate about
  • If your parents are paying for your education, take it
  • Attend or host networking events to put yourself out there
  • Be the kind of person people want to be around
  • Don’t be shy
  • Take on new responsibilities
  • Buy and read books to learn about the niche you want to market and sell to