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Suit up and show up with Karen Holmes

EP #013 – Suit Up and Show Up With Karen Holmes

Our guest on the show today is Karen Holmes. Karen is a mother of two children, and raising them is her first priority beside keeping herself in good health, and growing her consulting business. She has over 20 years of experience in training, organizational development and coaching.

Today, Karen lives a worry free life. She is an entrepreneur, trainer and workshop facilitator. Karen lives a happy and productive life.

Show Notes


  • Embrace uncertainty
  • Never complain
  • Develop buoyancy
  • Wherever you live, you can find or create your little happy spot
  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Look around, recognize opportunity and take action
  • Your patience will get tested
  • Keep looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Learn how to see things from different perspectives
  • Have more faith in yourself
  • Have confidence in your ability to learn
  • Without your health, you have nothing
  • Suit up and show up
  • Worry is a joy killer
  • A good living is more than just making good money


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