EP #015 – Be Willing to Take Risks With Li Lin

EP #015 – Be Willing to Take Risks With Li Lin

Li was born in China and moved to the United States when she was 10 years old. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies from UC Berkeley in California, she took a backpacking trip in Asia for a month.

Upon return, after getting fired from more than two jobs within a year, she was inspired to start her own business. Today, Li’s personal passion and profession is working with immigrants in the United States to help them land their dream H1B jobs.

Erratum: The guest introduction during the podcast says: “trip in Asia for a year.” That’s inaccurate, the host got it wrong. The guest introduction during the podcast says: “fired from two jobs within a year.” Li was actually fired from more than two jobs.

Show Notes


  • Be willing to do whatever it takes
  • Dating and business relationships are very similar
  • Go to a Community College to figure out what you want after high school
  • I got good grades because of fear
  • Be adaptable
  • You can perform poorly at an interview and still get the job
  • Shameless + Relentless = Success
  • The pain of not being employed is a great motivator
  • Immigrants don’t come to America to learn English
  • Your work must be integrated to your higher calling
  • You will never feel ready, just start doing
  • Do everything you want to do, regardless of the fear
  • Dance with your fear
  • Any good coaching program is worth it, regardless of the price tag
  • You are never defined by the labels you inherit
  • If you want the life that you want, you have to take the necessary actions to get it



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