EP #014 – Be Different With Lourdes Ortiz

EP #014 – Be Different With Lourdes Ortiz

Our guest on the show today is Lourdes Ortiz. Lourdes’s personal passion is as an Ironman Tri-Athlete where she participates in the strenuous world of long distance running, biking and swimming.

With over 20 years of work experience as Human Resources and Safety Director for a successful plating company in California, Lourdes is Human Resources expert, corporate trainer, and bilingual speaker. Lourdes lives a happy and productive life.

Show Notes


  • Be honest, it always works
  • Have high integrity
  • First show your prospective employer what you can do, before you ask for something in return
  • Have big ambitions
  • Travel for inspiration
  • Proceed by elimination of what you don’t like to end up with what you will enjoy
  • Always do you
  • Shadow a working professional to learn about a job before you choose to study for it
  • Give without expectation of anything in return
  • You will be hired based on character, more often than based on skill
  • Be different
  • Enthusiasm is important if you are to reach your goals, regardless of what they are
  • By facing your fears, you increase your self-confidence
  • Work hard at your goal and you will make a different


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