How to Find and Grow Your Gifts

EP #011 – How to Find and Grow Your Gifts With John Ezra Dew

Our guest on the show today is John Ezra Dew. John was born and raised in Michigan, and was homeschooled by his parents for his entire primary and secondary education.

Today, Ezra is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. He is a also a fitness coach, striving to equip people he works with with the right physical, intellectual and emotional strength to live happy and fulfilled.

Show Notes


  • Treat everybody like you want to be treated
  • Be honest
  • Always do what is right, no matter what
  • Get a mentor
  • Don’t expect rewards for what you are supposed to do naturally
  • Find opportunities to earn money, not to be given money
  • There is great joy and satisfaction in earning money
  • Each one of us is born with a gift
  • When you are doing something you love, it is not work
  • Your innate gifts are things that you are naturally good at, without having had to ask, pray or sweat for it
  • Be fearless in the pursuit of your passion
  • Rejection is like a GPS leading you to where you are supposed to go
  • Give value to get value
  • If you don’t face your fears, you will never discover your gifts
  • Do not give up on trying to achieve what you want to achieve, or to discover your gifts
  • Humanity is nothing without a purpose




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